Lana Parrilla Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lana Parrilla was born on July 15, 1977. Following her high school graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles. There, she studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse to study acting. She also had a voice training for many years. In 1999, she made her debut in an episode of the TV series Grown Ups. She then made her feature film debut in Very Mean Men. Her first starring role on TV was as Angie Ordonez on Spin City.

After it ended, she starred as Teresa Ortiz on the TV series Boomtown. In 2005, she played Sarah Gavin on 24. She next played the role of Nina Schaefer on the short-lived series Windfall and as Trina Decker on Swingtown. She continued her career in the 2010s, starring as Dr. Eva Zambrano on Miami Medical. She gained wider recognition after landing the role of Regina Mills or the Evil Queen on Once Upon a Time.

Has Lana Parrilla had Plastic Surgery?

The actress is already in her 40s. Despite her age, the Once Upon a Time actress manages to stay radiant and youthful. Because she has been on television long enough, fans and critics alike wonder if Parrilla has had plastic surgery at one point in her career. It can be noted that her appearance has changed throughout the years. Since Hollywood is a place where many actors and actress resort to plastic surgery to preserve their youth or enhance their physical features, can it be possible that Parrilla had also gone under the knife?

According to reports, the television star could possibly gets Botox treatments to remove her wrinkles and fine lines. Her flawless facial skin is visible, so it is likely that she does get cosmetic enhancements to make her face more smooth and wrinkle-free. There are also rumors that the actress had even gotten herself a nose job, which is why her nose now looks sharper and more well-defined. However, these are only rumors with no real basis and the actress hasn’t also said anything about such claims yet.

Lana Parrilla

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Yuvika Chaudhary Plastic Surgery Before and After

Yuvika Chaudhary was born on August 2, 1983 in Baraut, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India. She was already keen to become an actress during her younger years. In 2000, she made her screen debut with a small role in the Hindi movie Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. She then appeared as a contestant on India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj. This exposure led her to appear on the TV serial Astitva…Ek Prem Kahani.

She then landed roles in the movies. In the late 2000s, her film credits include Om Shanti Om, Summer 2007, and the Kannada movie Maleyali Jotheyali. In the 2010s, she mostly had roles in Bollywood films. Some of these are Khap, Enemmy, Afra Tafri and The Shaukeens. Her latest roles are in the Punjabi movies Yaaran Da Katchup, Yaarana and Lakeeran. In addition, she also joined the reality series Bigg Boss 9, where she was evicted on the 28th day.

Has Yuvika Chaudhary had Plastic Surgery?

The 34-year-old actress has established her career both on film and television. As she works much longer in the show business, her fans and critics alike wonder if she has had plastic surgery at one point of her career. After all, the pressures in Bollywood when it comes to looking perfect is the same as in Hollywood. This is one of the main reasons why many actors and actresses resort to plastic surgery, to get this approval and confidence to be able to work on the screen.

As for Chaudhary, the rumors about her plastic surgery is not as strong as others. This is because there aren’t strong indications that she has. Though her appearance has surely improved compared to her initial years, it does not appear to be a work of going under the knife. Her facial features remain the same. Her physical enhancements may be results of better make-up and styling. Even a good lifestyle such as proper diet and exercise can also improve how one appears.

Yuvika Chaudhary

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Drea de Matteo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Drea de Matteo was born on January 19, 1972 in Queens, New York, United States. After finishing high school, she enrolled at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She first aspired to become a director. In 1996, she made her television debut in an episode of Swift Justice. She then landed the role of Adriana La Cerva on The Sopranos, which became her breakout role. She was on the show from 1999 to 2006.

For her performance on the show, she won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2004. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe. Simultaneously, she starred as Gina Tribbiani on the sitcom Joey. She next played Wendy Case on Sons of Anarchy and Angie Bolen on Desperate Housewives. Also in the 2000s, she made notable roles in the films Assault on Precinct 13, Broken English and New York, I Love You. As of 2016, she stars as Det. Tess Nazario on Shades of Blue.

Has Drea de Matteo had Plastic Surgery?

The actress may already be in her mid 40s, but apparently she looks younger than that. Known for her roles both on TV and movies, de Matteo has managed to maintain her youthful glow all these years. She has also remained svelte throughout the course of her career. Aging is not something that’ll stop her from being incredibly fabulous. Or did she have any help? Plastic surgery, perhaps? It’s no secret that plastic surgery is so common in Hollywood. Both actors and actresses resort to surgical procedures to enhance their looks or appear younger.

There are non-surgical options, too, that can make the facial skin smoother with less wrinkles and fine lines, but the results are also short-lived. That’s why others choose to go under the knife for a more long-lasting effects. Could the Shades of Blue actress be one of those who succumbed to cosmetic procedures? Although there are claims about the actress maybe getting plastic surgery, nothing is valid up to this point because none of these reports ever last. With this, it is fair to assume that the actress is still plastic surgery-free.

Drea de Matteo

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Carice van Houten Plastic Surgery Before and After

Carice van Houten was born on 5 September 1976. She began her career in Dutch movies and television shows. She studied at Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts. She continued her studies at Kleinkunstacademie in Amsterdam. Her first lead role came in 1999 with the TV movie Suzy Q. She achieved greater fame in her country when she starred in 2006’s Black Book. This is the most successful Dutch movie to date.

Her first international role was in the German-American movie Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise. She next played notable roles in the feature films Repo Men and Black Death. She became widely known in the 2010s for her role as Melisandre on Game of Thrones. She’s been portraying the part since 2012. She also had roles in the films The Fifth Estate, Race, Brimstone and Incarnate.

Has Carice van Houten had Plastic Surgery?

The Game of Thrones actress may be in her 40s, but she surely looks younger than her actual age. Her face looks flawless with only a few lines and her body is still remarkably slender. With this some observers could call it a work of plastic surgery. But the Dutch beauty hasn’t gone under the knife. She has actually chosen to take the non-surgical procedure. She admitted to be a fan of CACI Microlift, following the steps of other well-known celebrities like Madonna and Jennifer Lopez.

This procedure tones facial muscles while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lessen the manifestation of fine lines as well. The results are super fast, too. That’s why the actress was flawless on Game of Thrones. For now, she doesn’t think of an invasive surgical procedure to be necessary, because treatments like the CACI Microlift can still do the trick of giving her a flawless facial skin. Of course, non-surgical ones are better than having to go through a painful plastic surgery.

Carice van Houten

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Shannyn Sossamon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Shannyn Sossamon was born on October 3, 1978. Following her high school graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to train in dancing. She instead became a model and started appearing on commercials. This then led her to be cast as Heath Ledger’s female lead in A Knight’s Tale, which brought her mainstream prominence. This was followed by notable roles in the movies 40 Days and 40 Nights and The Rules of Attraction.

Later, she starred in the feature films The Order, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Holiday. Her performance in the feature Wristcutters: A Love Story earned her critical praise. Sh also ventured on television with a starring role on Moonlight, which lasted for one season. She next starred in the American remake of the Japanese movie One Missed Call. After this she concentrated her work with independent films. Recently, she’s had notable roles on the small screen, such as on Mistresses, Wayward Pines and Sleepy Hollow.

Has Shannyn Sossamon had Plastic Surgery?

The 39-year-old actress may be nearing her 40s, but she still looks flawless and youthful. Being a Hollywood actress, she certainly knows she has lots of options when it comes to preserving her youthful appearance through plastic surgery. But is this really the case with the A Knight’s Tale star? For one, she doesn’t look like she’s had anything done at some point in her career. Her beauty remains magnificently natural. Her body does not also show signs of being cosmetically altered or enhanced.

In an interview for Vogue, she revealed: “I’ve never ever considered getting a boob job! I’d feel like there were alien invaders in my chest. I am always trying to use different herbs and foods on my face to prevent wrinkles! Just because I wouldn’t use plastic surgery doesn’t mean I don’t want to preserve beauty. I’d like to be as natural as possible for as long as possible. Who knows when I’m sixty.”

Shannyn Sossamon

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