April Bowlby Plastic Surgery Before and After

April Bowlby was born on July 30, 1980. After high school, she attended Moorpark College. There, she studied French, ballet, and marine biology. She then started a modeling career. After her interest shifted to acting, she went under the tutelage of Ivana Chubbuck. In 2004, she made her TV debut in an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

She has since guest starred on CSI: NY, Stacked, and Freddie, to name a few. In 2006, she got the recurring role of Kandi on the sitcom Two and a Half Men. Afterwards, she starred on the TV movie Sands of Oblivion, after which she made her film debut in All Roads Lead Home. She had also appeared as Meg in four episodes of How I Met Your Mother. From 2009 to 2014, she starred as Stacy Barrett on Drop Dead Diva.

Has April Bowlby had Plastic Surgery?

The former Drop Dead Diva star is actually in her late 30s. Looking at her, it’s not obvious that she’s already nearing her 40s. Because of this some observers think that Bowlby probably has had some help from a plastic surgeon. Her face looks so flawless without any fine lines or wrinkles. Could this mean Botox? As we all know, a lot of celebrities in Hollywood don’t wait for old age to ensure some precaution as far as their physical looks are concerned. Some immediately has Botox at the first sight of lines on their faces. Could this be the case with Bowlby?

There have also been mention of a nose job. During her beginnings, the actress’ nose was not as well-defined as it looks right now. Some even noticed that the alleged nose job changed her face’s projection. However, these are only claims. It’s also possible that her face looks more enhanced because of make-up and lighting during red carpet events. It’s hard to be know for sure, especially since plastic surgery in Hollywood is rampant, so it is a possibility to any other actress or actor.

April Bowlby

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Zulay Henao Plastic Surgery Before and After

Zulay Henao was born on May 29, 1979 in Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia. She was the U.S. Army for three years following her high school graduation. She decided to pursue acting. With this, she enrolled at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. In 2005, she made her acting debut in the low-budget film Clearview. She next appeared in the 2007 films Illegal Tender and Feel the Noise.

The following year, she acted in the movies Grizzly Park and Fighting. She went on to star on the direct-to-video film S. Darko. Also around this time she made a lot of guest appearances on the small screen. In the early part of the 2010s, she appeared in the films Takers, Boy Wonder, and Hostel: Part III. She later appeared in The Single Moms Club, True Memoirs of an International Assassin, and Meet the Blacks. Additionally, she’s starred on the TV shows Love Thy Neighbor and If Loving You Is Wrong.

Has Zulay Henao had Plastic Surgery?

Henao’s youthful charm and slender yet curvaceous figure has got her fans wondering what her beauty and fitness secrets are considering she’s only two years shy of 40. With her age, it’s amazing how she has a toned body, flawless face, and even her breasts look firm. Could this be because of plastic surgery? Hollywood is a place where many actors and actresses undergo such procedures because apparently in the show business, looks are important. So, what’s Henao’s case? Is she plastic surgery-free or not?

Many observers think that the actress has had breast implants. In her red carpet appearances, some take note of how her breasts are larger and firmer in the present. With her nearing her 40s, her breasts shouldn’t look like as solid and firm as hers. She could also have Botox to explain the absence of lines on her face. Or a facelift? In her more recent pictures, it can be noticed that her face has gone sharper and more defined, which could imply that there was a major change that took place. Some said it’s a nose job that made her face look different these days.

Zulay Henao

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Dominique McElligott Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dominique McElligott was born on 5 March 1986 in Dublin, Ireland. In 2001, she made her acting debut on the TV series On Home Ground. Her next role came a few years later on the TV movie Whiskey Echo. In 2008, she appeared in the pilot episode of the show Being Human. At the same time, she made her film debut in Dark Floors. Also in 2008, she appeared as Rebecca Marsh in six episodes of the TV series Raw.

She next played the role of Bella Olazabal on the TV series The Philanthropist. Afterwards, she had a minor role in the romantic comedy film Leap Year. From 2011 to 2012, she starred as Lily Bell on the short-lived show Hell on Wheels. Around the same time, she had roles in the films The Guard, Blackthorn, and Not Fade Away. In 2015, she starred as Louise Shepard on the short-lived series The Astronaut Wives Club. Her recent roles were on the shows House of Cards and The Last Tycoon.

Has Dominique McElligott had Plastic Surgery?

The Irish actress is now a well-known actress even on US television. This is all thanks to her notable roles on some popular American shows. As she becomes a familiar face, she also becomes more susceptible to the observers’ keen eyes. Even though she’s only in her early 30s, it doesn’t stop others from reporting that McElligott has had cosmetic procedures at one point. But what kind of procedures? According to rumors, she’s had something done to her breasts, nose, and chin. Too much, yes?

For one, let’s get back to the fact that she’s only 31. Could someone this young be really undergoing to a lot of surgical operations for the sake of the so-called enhanced beauty? Yes, Heidi Montag who was actually younger and maybe more have done it, but it doesn’t mean everyone in Hollywood is on the same page when it comes to plastic surgery. There are other actresses who swear against doing any changes on their appearances through plastic surgery. Or are they just being hypocritical? As for Dominique McElligott, it doesn’t seem that she’s done something to her face or body that involves a plastic surgeon. For now let’s leave it at that.

Dominique McElligott

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Leah Remini Plastic Surgery Before and After

Leah Remini was born on June 15, 1970. She made her acting debut in an episode of Head of the Class. Her first significant role on the small screen was as Charlie Briscoe on Living Dolls. In the ’90s, she had recurring roles on The Man in the Family and Saved by the Bell as Stacey Carosi. She next starred as Dominique Costellano on the short-lived series First Time Out.

She next starred as Terry Reynolds on Fired Up. Subsequently, she gained mainstream prominence for her role as Carrie Heffernan on The King of Queens. After this ended, she starred on the short-lived series In the Motherhood. In the 2010s, she became co-host of the TV program The Talk. She next starred on the short-lived show Family Tools. As of 2017, she stars as Vanessa Cellucci on the comedy show Kevin Can Wait. She also stars on her own documentary called Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Has Leah Remini had Plastic Surgery?

The 47-year-old is getting a lot of plastic surgery rumors these days. Posting pictures of herself on social media, fans of the actress who have followed her career since the ’90s think she’s been doing a lot of plastic surgeon visits judging from the flawlessness of her face. Despite her age, it is notable how Remini’s face lacks significant wrinkles and fine lines. Could it be Botox? Possibly, since Botox is a thing now even to those actors and actresses who are younger.

In an article posted by Closer Weekly, plastic surgeons gave their professional insight as to whether Leah Remini has gone under the knife or not. Most of these surgeons believe the actress has had fillers on her cheeks and under her eyes, as well as on her chin. Back in the 2015, Remini admitted on Twitter that she had Botox when a followed called her out for having fake lips. She said: “Actually my lips are real… Maybe it’s the Botox you don’t like? But thank you for your nasty a** tweet.”

Leah Remini

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Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lucy Lawless was born on March 29, 1968 in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand. At age 10, she performed in her first musical. After this she started acting in school plays. In 1989, she made her professional debut on the New Zealand sketch comedy show Funny Business. After a couple of other guest roles on television, she got her break after landing the role of Xena on Xena: Warrior Princess. After the show ended in 2001, she played Kathleen on the TV series Tarzan.

She also played D’Anna Biers on Battlestar Galactica. In 2010, she starred as Lucretia on Spartacus: Blood and Sand. She reprised her role on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and Spartacus: Vengeance. Afterwards, she played recurring role Diane Lewis on the comedy series Parks and Recreation. From 2015 to 2017, she played Countess Palatine Ingrid Von Marburg on Salem. At the same time she starred as Ruby Knowby on Ash vs. Evil Dead, which she still plays up to present.

Has Lucy Lawless had Plastic Surgery?

The 49-year-old actress maintains her slender figure and youthful charm despite the fact that she’ll be 50 next year. For this reason there have been claims about her possibly resorting to plastic surgery to maintain her appearance. Fans and critics alike had notice that the actress seemed young than her actual age when she starred on Spartacus considering she was already in her 40s at the time. Observers were also quick to notice that her breasts were firm and didn’t sag. Could this indicate breast implants?

She could have breast implants, which explain her firm breasts despite her age, but it doesn’t seem that she’s had any work done on her face, except for some Botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on her face. This could be the reason why she doesn’t have lines on her forehead, between her brows and in her crow’s feet. A plastic surgeon from Manhattan said upon seeing the actress’ photo: “In a few of the pictures, it appears that Lucy Lawless may have had breast implants–however, I don’t see any definitive proof. She does not appear to have had fillers or Botow – however, she may want to consider some Botox Cosmetic in her glabella, forehead and crow’s feet.

Lucy Lawless

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